Media coverage | Examples

The IFO is able to evaluate the media coverage of various topics and news, and to achieve press analysis. Discover some examples based on this technique.

The long trail of media content

An analysis of media content conducted on Monday, 27 August 2012, allowed us to quantify the online news production in Quebec. It appears that alongside with some very popular issues, we find a long trail of topics that were discussed in only one or two articles. This...

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The media impact of a demonstration

Using the body of information it collects and the analysis software programs it develops, the IFO is able to measure the media impact of communication campaigns. The following analysis refers to the example of a historic protest in Quebec: “Colère générale contre le...

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Studying the independence of news rooms

At 12h30 on 31 May 2012, close to 24 hours after the group Anonymous published a video showing the highlights of a party at the Desmarais’ estate honouring Jacqueline Desmarais and bringing together major political and economical actors, a large number of Quebec media...

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