The Information Flow Observatory

The Information Flow Observatory’s working group is engaged in a democratization approach, aiming to create a large access to the analysis of information produced by Canadian news media. It’s main motivations are an ideal of social justice and emancipation in the public space.

3 areas of activity

Area 1:

Information retrieval and data mining

The purpose of this area of activity is to develop software and methods in order to build, archive and make accessible a collection containing all content produced by the Canadian media, news agencies, and the public relations industry as well as by regional and federal governments. Data about the information flow in social media and metadata about various organizations will also be collected.

Area 2:

Information visualization

This area of activity addresses issues pertaining to visualizing the data extracted with the help of text or data mining techniques. A collection built by using this kind of techniques poses the challenge of making the data flow intelligible, of making sense of it. This area of activity therefore serves to develop tools, interfaces and methods that allow manipulating the information flow data in a more instinctive manner.

Area 3:

Critical data analysis

The goal of this area of activity is to analyze the information’s content, its distribution and paths of circulation as well as to identify the distinctive roles of different social actors implicated in the production processes of information.

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